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Your smartphone on a PC.

Always with you no matter where you are.

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Download Mobizen from Google Play.
Create an account through the Mobizen App.
View and control your smartphone from your PC.

It takes less than a minute to setup!

Experience your Smartphone on a Larger Screen

Enhance your mobile life with Mobizen.

Using your smartphone from your PC becomes reality
with Mobizen. Type using your keyboard,view photos
and videos stored on your phone,and use mobile apps.
Using your smartphone has never been more convenient.

Tap,Swipe,Drag - All with your Mouse

Skip learning the basics,you already know them.

Tap,Swipe,Drag - All with your Mouse

Mobizen's intuitive control scheme allows you to control your smartphone as you always have. Tap,swipe,or drag with your mouse for an easy mobile to PC transition. With Mobizen you can enjoy the benefits of your computer,with the ease of controlling your smartphone as if it was in your hands.

Manage PC and Smartphone Contents

Mobizen's management capabilities doesn't just stop with the smartphone.

Manage PC and Smartphone Contents

Easily manage and access videos,pictures,and music on your smartphone,PC,or tablet. Transfer files between multiple devices more conveniently than you would through traditional means and use apps from multiple different platforms,all from one location. Install PC Plugin ( Windows / Mac )

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